PKB Senior Executive Officer 2018: AUST Self Test

AUST Self Test
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PKB Senior Executive Officer 2018: AUST Self Test

PKB Senior Executive Officer 2018: AUST
Total Marks: 100
Total Questions: 80
Time: 1 Hour.
Negative: NO
Per Question Obtain: 1.25

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1. নিচের কোনটি প্রবন্ধের বই?

2. ‘সৌম্য’ এর বিপরীত শব্দ কি?

3. কোনটি সঠিক?

4. ‘বকলম’ শব্দটি বাংলা ভাষায় এসেছে-

5. ‘এপিটাফ শব্দের অর্থ

6. অকালে যাকে জাগরণ করা হয় তাকে এক কথায় কি বলে?

7. জাতি + অভিমান =

8. ‘সংশয়’ এর বিপরীতার্থক শব্দ কোনটি?

9. ‘একাদশে বৃহস্পতি’ অর্থ-

10. যার কোন মূল্য নেই এর সমার্থক বাগধারা কোনটি?

11. নিচের কোন বানানটি শুদ্ধ?

12. ‘বিড়ালের আড়াই পা বাগধারাটির অর্থ কি?

13. সমাস নিম্পন্ন পদটিকে কি বলে?

14. নিচের কোন স্ত্রীবাচক শব্দের দুটি পুরুষবাচক শব্দ রয়েছে?

15. কোনটি সঠিক সন্ধি বিচ্ছেদ-

16. ‘গোঁফ খেজুরে’ কোন সমাস?

17. Choose the word that conveys the same meaning as the given word. Impute

18. Choose the word that conveys the same meaning as the given word. Exigency

19. Choose the word that conveys the same meaning as the given word. Anxiety

20. Choose the word that conveys the same meaning as the given word. Ruthless

21. Employers look for agility in workers in small-part production plants.

22. You can reach your goal only when you aspire.

23. Writing a beautiful sonnet is as much an achievement as to finish a 400 page novel.


(24 – 27): There are blank spaces in the following passage which have been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each some words are suggested. Find out the word that best fit the blank.

Global strategies to control infective disease have historically included the erection of barriers to international travel and _ (24) _ Keeping people with such deadly disease outside national borders has_ (25) _ as an important public health policy in the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) epidemic. Between 29 and 50 countries – (26) – to have introduced border restrictions on HIV-positive foreigners, usually those planning an — (27) – stay in the country, such as students, workers or seamen.

25. (24 – 27)

26. (24 – 27)

27. (24 – 27)

28. (28 – 32): Read the following passage and select the most appropriate answer.

Nine books are to be arranged from the left to right on a shelf. Of these, four books are leather-bounds, three are cloth-bounds and remaining books are paperbacks. The leather bound books must be together. The paperback books must also be together. The clothbound books need not to be together.

The cloth-bound books must be next to each other, if a paperback book is in which of the following position?

29. If the second book is a cloth bound and the third book is a paperback, which of the following can be a cloth bound book?

30. If no cloth bound book is next to another cloth bound book, which one can be a paperback book?

31. If the first and seventh books have the same kinds of binding, which of the following must be a leather-bound books?

32. If the sixth book is a leather-bound and eighth book is a cloth-bound, which of the following must be a paperback?

33. Triangle ABC has the following vertices: A(1,0), B(5,0) and C(3, 4). Which of the following is true?

34. Increasing the original price of an item by 10%, then decreasing by 20% and then again increasing the price by 10% is equivalent:

35. 2√27-√75+√12. is equal to

36. A two-digit number has 3 in its unit digit. The sum of its digits is one seventh of the number itself. What is the number?

37. A student loses 1 mark for every wrong answer and scores 2 marks for every correct answer. If he answers all the 60 questions in an exam and scores 39 marks, how many of them were correct?

38. The triangular base of a prism is a right triangle of sides a and b = 2a. The height h of the prism is equal to 10 mm and its volume is equal to 40 mms, what will be the lengths of the sides a and b of the triangle?

39. The sum of principal and simple interest of a certain amount of money would be Tk. 460 after 3 years from now and Tk. 500 after 5 years from now. What is the total interest rate?

40. A wheel rotates 10 times per minutes and moves 20m during each rotation. How many feet does the wheel move in 1 hour?

41. If x and y are consecutive positive integers, which of the following must be an even integer?

42. There are n students in a school. If r% among the students are 12 years or younger, which of the following expressions represents the number of students who are older than 12?

43. The ratio between the perimeter and the breadth of a rectangular is 5:1. If the. area of the rectangle is 216cm, what is the length of the rectangle?

44. jf (x + y) > 5 and (x – y) > 3, then which of the following gives all and only possible value of x?

45. Three boys have marbles in the ratio of 19: 5: 3. If the boy with the least number has 9 marbles, how many marbles does the boy with the highest number have?

46. The area of a rectangle R with width 4 ft is equal to the area of a square S, which has a perimeter of 24 ft, the perimeter of the rectangle R, in feet, is

47. In a class of 120 students, 70 percent can speak only Bengali and the rest can speak English. If 25 percent of those in the class who can speak English can also speak Bengali, how many of the students in the class can speak Bengali?

48. A lamp is manufactured to sell for $35.00, which yields a profit of 25% of cost. If the profit is to be reduced to 15% of cost, what will be the new retail price of the lamp?

49. In triangle ABC, AB = AC. All of the following statements are true except

50. If an inspector reject 0.08% of a product as defective, how many units of the product will he examined in order to reject 2?

51. There are 15 balls in a box: 8 balls are green, 4 are blue and 3 are white. Then 1 green and 1 blue balls are taken from the box and put away. What is the probability that a blue ball is selected at random from the box?

52. A short distance athlete has taken 60 seconds to cover 100 meters. If he makes 30 steps in 9 seconds, how many steps has he taken in that time?

53. Three angles of a triangle are in proportion 5: 6:7. Then what is the difference in degrees between the biggest and the smallest angles?

54. If the length of each of the sides of three square garden’s plots is increased by 50 percent, by what percent is the sum of the areas of the three plots increased?

55. A manufacturer sells three products i.e. A, B and C. Product A costs 200 and sells for 250. Product B costs 150 and sells for 180. Product C costs 100 and sells for 110. On which product, he has maximum percentage of profit?

56. A farmer has two rectangular fields. The larger field has twice the length and four times the width of the smaller field. If the smaller field has area K, then the area of the larger field is greater than the area of the smaller field by what amount?

57. The radiant energy of the Sun results from

58. Fathometer is used to measure

59. Which of the following is called Blue Planet?

60. Radio link is a tool of banking communication in a

61. Stress test is related to assess health of which institution?

62. Which one of the following is not the official language of United Nation Organization?

63. Fathometer is used to measure

64. Which one of the following countries is not a member of the OPEC?

65. Who is the author of the book ‘The Right of Man?

66. Which one of the following is not an official language of the United Nations?

67. On July ___man walked on the Moon for the first time.

68. When cutting and pasting, cutting section is temporarily stored in

69. If you need to change the typeface of a document, which menu will you choose?

70. You can move between two or more Excel files opened by using the

71. The basic unit of a worksheet into which you enter data in Excel is called a

72. The process of transforming files from a computer on the Internet to your computer is called

73. You can detect spelling and grammar errors by

74. Verification of a login name and password is known as:

75. Which can be used for quick access to commonly used commands and tools?

76. _____ are software which is used to do particular task.

77. All of the following are examples of real security and privacy risks EXCEPT:

78. The program compresses large files into a smaller file

79. Which can be used for quick access to commonly used commands and tools?

80. Operating System is the most common type of software.


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