PKB Programmer Preli 2019: AUST Self Test

AUST Self Test
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PKB Programmer Preli 2019: AUST Self Test

PKB Programmer Preli 2019: AUST
Total Marks: 100
Total Questions: 80
Time: 1 Hour.
Negative: NO
Per Question Obtain: 1.25

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1. In comparison to the history of the world, human life is very transient.

2. Writing a beautiful sonnet is as much as achievement as to finish a 400 pages novel.

3. Every individual is responsible for upholding the moral of society.

4. _____ pollution control measures are expensive, many industries hesitate to adopt them.

5. The _____ chosen for construction of the building is in the heart of the city.

6. Your father _____ worry. I’m a very careful driver.

7. It is not _____ for a man to be confined to the pursuit of wealth.

8. Questions (08-10): Select the word that is most opposite in meaning to the original word


9. Hostile

10. Illustrious

11. “জেলে এর সঠিক প্রকৃতি প্রত্যয় কী?

12. কোনটি নিত্য সমাসের সমস্ত পদ?

13. সূর্য – এর প্রতিশব্দ কোনটি?

14. সম্পৃক্ত শব্দটির সঠিক অর্থ কোনটি?

15. স্বর সংগতির উদাহরণ কোনটি?

16. “সিংহাসন’ শব্দটি কোন সমাস?

17. কোনটি সঠিক সন্ধি বিচ্ছেদ?

18. ‘নেই আঁকড়া’ এর সঠিক অর্থ কোনটি?

19. কবর কবিতাটি কোন কাব্য গ্রন্থের অন্তর্গত?

20. হরতাল কী ধরণের শব্দ?

21. If 3 men or 6 women can do a piece of work in 16 days, in how many days can 12 men and 8 women do the same piece of work?

22. A milkman bought 15 kg of milk and mixed 3 kg of water in it. If the price per kg of the mixture becomes Tk. 22, what is cost price of the milk per kg?

23. If the rate of interest is 10% per annum and is compounded half yearly, the principal of Tk. 400 in 3/2 years will amount to

24. A dealer offers a discount of 10% on the marked price of an article and still makes a profit of 20%. If its marked price is Tk. 800, then the cost price of the article is

25. Pipe A alone can fill a tank in 8 hours. Pipe B can fill it in 6 hours. If both the pipes are opened and after 2 hours pipe A is closed, then the other pipe will fill the tank in

26. One tap can fill a drum three times as fast as another tap. Both the taps together can fill the drum in 36 minutes. How much time would the slower tap take to fill the drum?

27. 8 taps through which water flows at the same rate can fill a tank in 30 minutes. If two taps go out of order, how long will the remaining taps take to the fill the tank?

28. ‘A’ can do a piece of work in ‘x’ days and ‘B’ can do the same work in 3x days. To finish the work together they take 12 days. What is ‘x’ equal to?

29. In a business partnership among A, B, C and D, the profit is shared by A and B, B and C, C and D in 1: 3 ratio respectively. If the total profit is Tk. 4,00,000 the share of C is:

30. A tradesman marks his goods 10% above his cost price. If he allows his customers 10% discount on the marked price, how much profit or loss does he make, if any?

31. 2 men and I woman can complete a piece of work in 14 days, while 4 women and 2 men can do the same work in 8 days. If a man gets Tk. 90 per day, what should be the wages per day of a woman?

32. A, B and C subscribe together Tk. 50,000 for a business. A subscribes Tk. 4,000 more than B and B subscribes Tk. 5,000 more than C. Out of a total profit of Tk. 35,000. A receives

33. If the average of 10% of a number, 25% of that number, 50% of that number and 75% of that is 24. then the number will be

34. A trader sells two cycles at Tk. 1,188 each and gains 10% on the first and loses 10% on the second. What is the profit or loss percent on the whole?

35. A and B invest in a business in the ratio 5:4. If 10% of the total profit goes to charity and A’s profit share is Tk. 7500, then the total profit is

36. 1/48 of a work is completed in half a day by 5 persons. Then, 1/40 of the work can be completed by 6 persons in how many days?

37. A and B are partners in a business. A contributes 1/4 of the capital for 15 months and B receives 2/3 of the profit. Find for how long B’s money was used.

38. The ratio between the ages of A and B is 2:5. After 8 years, their ages will be in the ratio 1:2. What is the difference between their present ages?

39. A person invested part of Tk. 45000 at 4% and the rest at 6%. If his annual incomes from both are equal, then what is the average cost of interest?

40. A person sold an article for Tk. 136 and made a loss of 15%. Had he sold it for Tk. x, he would have made a profit of 15%. Which one of the following is correct?

41. Which of the following provides a programmer with the facility of using object of a class inside other classes?

42. Type of software which is designed for users to customize programs is

43. A major challenge in mixing SQL with a general-purpose language is mismatching in the

44. In user facilities, copying of all records onto a main store from permanent store is considered as

45. To divide a class C network into a maximum of 14 subnets – each capable of having up to 14 hosts, the subnet mask used should be:

46. If master and transaction file have keys in same order then it takes

47. What is not the advantage of IPV6 over IPV4?

48. What is the precedence of arithmetic operators (from highest to lowest)?

49. Once connection is set up, program can send SQL commands to database by using

50. File used to update information in computer’s master file is classified as

51. Testing of software with actual data and in actual environment is known as?

52. What are the values of the following expressions:


53. Special set of characters that computer associates with specific user identification is classified as

54. What will be the output of the following PHP code?
“Hello World”

55. What is the output of the code shown?

‘%(qty)d more % (food)s’ %{‘qty”:1,”food’: ‘spam’}

56. Number of bits in BCD code used in computing are-

57. To check to see of the Web server you are trying to reach is available or is down, which command line utility should you use?

58. Device which converts digital signals into sound and sound from telephone handset into digital signals is classified as

59. What type of network provides access to the regional service providers and typically span distances greater than 100 miles?

60. ____ provides a connection-oriented reliable service for sending message.

61. Which of the following type is not supported for mobile application viewing for Google docs?

62. The term push and pop is related to the

63. Type of error which occurs when data is transferred from one device to another is classified as

64. A Non-Functional Software testing done to check if the user interface is easy to use and understand

65. A device that allows one of several analog or digital input signals which are to be selected and transmits input that is selected into a single medium is called

66. Which of the following medium is used for broadband local networks?

67. Interleaving of records to form one file containing all records is classified as

68. Program background, program functions and computing requirements are part of

69. Variable which uses same name in whole program and in its all routines thus best classified as

70. The name of the testing which is done to make sure the existing features are not affected by new changes

71. Set of numbers used to check all groups record within limits of data is classified as

72. Process of converting data or information into for which is readily available for processing is called

73. All decimal values and integers are included in set of

74. Which of the following is not a Software Development Life Cycle Phase?

75. Any hardware or software which is used to connect two devices by enabling them to communicate is classified as

76. Waterfall model phase in which system design is prepared and this system design helps in specifying system requirements and define overall system architecture is

77. Language compilers and interpreters does not translate statements correctly when they have

78. Which of the following web service can be controlled by iAWSManager cloud app from an iPhone?

79. Issuance of cash through terminal outside bank is an example of

80. Five components that make up a data communications system are message, sender, receiver, medium and


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