Jiban Bima Corporation (JBC) Assistant Manager Question Solution 2020

Jiban Bima Corporation (JBC) Assistant Manager Question Solution
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Jiban Bima Corporation (JBC) Assistant Manager Question Solution 2020

Exam Taker: Department of Management Information System (MIS), DU

Post name:
Assistant Manager
Junior Officer (Engineer)
Upper Division Assistant
Office Assistant Cum-Computer typist
Office Assistant

Total Vacancy: 551

Exam Date: 16th, October 2020

Exam Start Time: 10:00 to 11:00 AM

সম্পূর্ণ প্রশ্ন সমাধানের কাজ চলছে।

JBC Assistant Manager Question Solution 2020: বাংলা

1. রাম রায় এত বিদ্বান অথচ এতটুকু অহংকার নেই। রেখাঙ্কিত শব্দটি কোন ধরনের অব্যয় নির্ণয় করুন:

A. সমুচ্চয়ী
B. অনন্বয়ী
C. সমুচ্চয়ী বিয়োজক
D. সমুচ্চয়ী সংকোচক

উত্তরঃ D. সমুচ্চয়ী সংকোচক

2. ‘শশাঙ্ক’ শব্দের ব্যাস বাক্য কি হবে?

A. অঙ্কে শশ যার
B. শশের অঙ্ক
C. অঙ্কের শশ
D. শাশ অঙ্কে যার

উত্তরঃ D. শাশ অঙ্কে যার

3. ‘রক্ষকই ভক্ষক’ – বাক্যটি কোন জাতীয় বাক্য?

A. জটিল বাক্য
B. সরল বাক্য
C. যৌগিক বাক্য
D. মিশ্র বাক্য

উত্তরঃ B. সরল বাক্য

4. সংসারে আসিয়া এই পরম সুখে বঞ্চিত রহিলাম । রেখাঙ্কিত অংশটির কারক নির্ণয় করুন :

A. অপাদান কারক
B. করণ কারক
C. অধিকরণ কারক
D. কর্মকারক

উত্তরঃ A. অপাদান কারক

5. ‘বিস্কুট’ কোন ভাষার শব্দ?

A. ফরাসি
B. ইংরেজি
C. পর্তুগীজ
D. চীনা

উত্তরঃ A. ফারসি

6. কোনটি তৎসম শব্দ ?

A. ফুল
B. ডিম
C. হাত
D. ছেরাদ্দ

উত্তরঃ A. ফুল

7. কোনটি ভুল বানান?

A. ত্রিণয়ন
B. ব্রাহ্মণ
C. পিণাক
D. দুর্নীতি

উত্তরঃ A. ত্রিণয়ন

8. ‘ট’ বর্গীয় ধ্বনির আগে কোনটি ব্যবহৃত হয়?

A. ন
B. ন্য
C. ণ
D. ন্ন

উত্তরঃ C. ণ

9. ভুষণ্ডির কাক বাগধারাটি কি অর্থে ব্যবহৃত?

A. নিরেট মূর্খ
B. দীর্ঘজীবী
C. নিষ্ক্রিয় দর্শক
D. কপটচারী

উত্তরঃ B. দীর্ঘজীবী

10. “আঁকা” -সাধিত শব্দটির সংস্কৃত ধাতু কোনটি?

A. আঁক
B. অঙ্কন
C. অঙ্ক
D. অঙ্কিত

উত্তরঃ C. অঙ্ক

JBC Assistant Manager Question Solution 2020: English

11. Geysers occur where magma lies just below the earth’s surface, particularly in volcanic regions ______ Iceland or New Zealand.
A. Such as
B. alike
C. for example
D. e.g.

Ans: A. Such as

12. It is certain that human beings ____ latent power of which they are only vaguely aware.

A. exhibit
B. possess
C. knowledge
D. impose

Ans: B. possess

13. Ocean currents play a _____ role in setting long term climate _____.

A. vital…date.
B. important…….variations
C. major….. patterns
D. unusual…..changes

Ans: C. major….. patterns

14.The problems of squaring a pan-European agenda with the national Interests of 25 separate countries ____ the process of integration a slow, complex, and at times divisive one.

A. causes
B. often affect
c have made
D. resulting in

Ans: C. have made

15. He will be arriving quite late.so by the time he comes, the play ______.

A. would have begun
B. wikI begun
C. will have begun
D. would begun

Ans: C. will have begun

16. The antonym of CURTAIL is

A. Cramp.
B. Prolong
C. Chop.
D. Clip

Ans: B. Prolong

17. The phrase “De Jure” means

A. By law
B. Successful
C. Illegal
D. Compromising

Ans: A. By-law

18. He goes to his friend’s house off and on. What does ‘off and on’ means –

A. Frequently
B. Rarely
C. OccasIonally
D. Never

Ans: C. OccasIonally

19. The synonym of Incredulous is

A. Dishonest.
b Honest.
C. Reliable
D. Unreliable

Ans: D. Unreliable

20. Change the voice of the sentence: She never understood me, whenever I said something

A. Whenever I said something, I never understood by her
B. Whenever I said something, I had never understood by her
C. Whenever I said something, I had never understood by her
D. Whenever I said something, I was never understood stood by her

Ans: D. Whenever I said something, I was never understood stood by her

JBC Assistant Manager Question Solution 2020: Mathematics

21. what is the height of a right cylinder with radius 5 in and volume 150π in 3?

A. 5 in
B. 6 in
C. 7 in
D. 8 in

Ans: 6 in.

22. The ratio of the area of a sector of a circle to the area of the circle is 3 : 5. What is the ratio of the length of the arc in the sector of the circumference of the circle?

A. 3/5
B. 2/7
C. 1/3
D. 1/2

Ans: A. 3/5

23. If (2x2+3x-5)(x+2) = ax3+bx2+cx+d, then ac-bd =?

A. 70
B. 71
C. 72
D. 73

Ans: C. 72

24. |3x-15|=18, what is the product of all possible values of x?

A. -11
B. -10
C. -9
D. -8

Ans: A. -11

25. The cost of operating a Frisbee company in the first year is $10,000 plus $2 for each Frisbee. Assuming the company sells every Frisbee it makes in the first year for $7, how many Frisbees must the company sell to break even?

A. 1,000
B. 1,500
C. 2,000
D. 2,500

Ans: C. 2,000

57. A person running an 800 metes race averages 130 meters per minute for the first 3/4 of the race. The average speed for the remainder of the race is 145 meters per minute. What is the person’s average speed for the entire 800 meters rounded to the nearest whole numbers?

3/4 of 800 =600 meters and remaining = 800-600 = 200
So total time required = (600/135)+(200/145) = 5.8 (approximately)
So average speed = 800/5.8 = 137m/min [ans]

58. General Knowledge

a. How many rings are there on the Olympic flag?
Answer: Five (blue, yellow, black, green and red).

b. Who was the first man in space?
Answer: Yuri Gagarin.

c. Which Leader died in St. Helena?
Answer: Napoleon Bonaparte.

d. Qantas is the National airline of which country?
Answer: Australia.

e. Whose autobiography was “The long walk to Freedom”?
Answer: Nelson Mandela.

f. Who wrote Gulliver’s Travel?
Answer: Jonathan Swift.

g. What was the name of the first credit card?
Answer: Diners Club.

h. On which national flag is there a Cagle and a snake?
Answer: Mexico City.

i. Shushi is the food of which country?
Answer: Japan

j. Which countries are fighting for Nagarno-Karabakh region?
Answer: Armenia and Azerbaijan.

k. Elon Musk is the CEO of which global brand?
Answer: Tesla Motors Inc.

l. What is the full name of BASIC Bank Limited?
Answer: Bangladesh Small Industries and Commerce Bank Limited.

m. What is the present name of GATT?
Answer: World Trade Organization (WTO).

n. Who is the first VC (Vice-Chancellor) of Dhaka University?
Answer: Sir Philip Hartog.

o. Who was the Roman god of thunder?
Answer: Jupiter


Jiban Bima Corporation (JBC) Assistant Manager Question Solution

Jiban Bima Corporation (JBC) Assistant Manager Question Solution


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