ICB Assistant Programmer 2017: AUST Self Test

AUST Self Test
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ICB Assistant Programmer 2017: AUST Self Test

ICB Assistant Programmer 2017: AUST
Total Marks: 100
Total Questions: 80
Time: 1 Hour.
Negative: NO
Per Question Obtain: 1.25

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1. Questions (01 – 04):
There are blank spaces in the following passage which have been numbered. These numbers printed below the passage and against each some words are suggested. Find out the word that best fit the blank spaces.

Global strategies to control infective disease have historically included the erection of barriers to international travel and _____ (01). Keeping people with such deadly disease outside national borders has ______ (02) as an important public health policy in the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) epidemic. Between 29 and 50 countries _____ (03) to have introduced border restrictions on HIV-positive foreigners, usually those planning an _____ (04) stay in the country, such as students, workers or seamen.


2. 02.

3. 03.

4. 04.

5. Questions (05 – 07). Select the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

05. You can reach your goal only when you aspire.

6. Read the abridge version of the novel to get an overall idea of the book.

7. Employers look for agility in workers in small-part production plants.

8. Questions (08 – 10). Select the pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.

Curdle: Milk

9. vindictive: Mercy

10. Conscious: Careless

11. কোনটি সঠিক?

12. কোনটি নিত্য সমাসের সমস্ত পদ?

13. সংশয়-এর বিপরার্থক শব্দ কোনটি?

14. যিনি বিদ্যা লাভ করিয়াছেন-

15. সমাস নিষ্পন্ন পদটিকে কি বলে?

16. ‘নিরানব্বইয়ের ধাক্কা’ বাগধারাটির অর্থ-

17. কোনটি নিত্য সমাসের সমস্ত পদ-

18. সমুদ্র হতে হিমালয় পর্যন্ত বাক্যাংশের অংশ হিসেবে কোনটি সঠিক?

19. সিংহাসন শব্দটি কোন সমাস?

20. ‘ষড়ঋতু’ শব্দের সঠিক সন্ধি বিচ্ছেদ

21. A manufacturer sells three products i.e. A, B and C. Product A costs 200 and sells for 250, Product B costs 150 and sells for 180, Product C costs 100 and sells for 110. On which product, he has maximum percentage of profit?

22. If the length of each of the sides of three square garden’s plots is increased by 50 percent, by what percent is the sum of the areas of the three plots increased?

23. If a, b and c are 3 consecutive integers and a>b>c, which of the following has the maximum value?

24. Three boys have marbles in the ratio of 19 : 5 : 3. If the boy with the least number has 9 marbles, how many marbles does the boy with the highest number have?

25. A rectangular fish tank 25″ by 9″ has water in it to a level of 2″. This water is carefully poured into a cylindrical container with a diameter of 10″. How high (in terms of π) will the water reach in the cylindrical container?

26. A, B and C enter into partnership with investments in the ratio of 5:7:8. If, at the end of the year A’s share of profit is Tk. 42360, how much is the total profit?

27. A square carpet with an area of 169 cm2 must have 2 cm cut off one of its edges in order to be a perfect fit for a rectangular room. What is the area (in cm2) of this rectangular room?

28. To represent a family budget on a circle graph, how many degrees of the circle should be used to represent an item that is 20% the total budget?

29. The average of 6 numbers is 25. If 3 more numbers, with an average of 22 are added to these numbers, what will be the average of the combined 9 numbers?

30. In a club 50% of the male voters and 80% of the female voters voted for candidate A. If candidate A received 70% of the total votes, what is the ratio of male to female voters?

31. If x+y>5 and x – y>3, then which of the following gives all possible values of x and only possible values of x?

32. The interest charged on a loan is p dollars per $1,000 for the first month and q dollars per $1,000 for each month after the first month. How much interest will be charged during the first three months on a loan of $10,000?

33. The length and breadth of a square are increased by 40% and 30% respectively. The area of the resulting rectangle exceeds the area of the square by?

34. If an integer y is subtracted from an integer x, and the result is greater than x, then y must be –

35. A box contains 12 poles and 7 pieces of net. Each piece of net weighs 0.2 gm; each pole weighs 1.1 gm. The box and its contents together weigh 16.25 gm. How much does the empty box weigh?

36. Which type of cable is used to connect the COM port of a host to the COM port of a router or switch?

37. Which protocol can cause overload on a CPU of a managed device?

38. Which of the following is a group of one or more attributes that uniquely indenfies ‍a row?

39. For every relationship, how many possible sets of minimum cardinalities are there?

40. The SQL statement that queries or reads data from a table is

41. Which of the following protocols uses both TCP and UDP ports?

42. Two-dimensional arrays are also called–

43. Which of the following is an SQL trigger supported by Oracle?

44. k iternations by Newton-Raphson method of finding square root of a number increases accuracy in number of digits.

45. Bubble sort algorithm sorts n data items using

46. Which control statement can be executed at least once?

47. An algorithm that calls itself directly or indirectly is known as–

48. Two main measures for the efficiency of an algorithm are-

49. Which of the following correctly shows the hierarchy of arithmetic operations in C?

50. The complexity of Binary search algorithm is:

51. The smallest element of an array’s index is called its-

52. Which one of the following is not a valid identifier?

53. Consider the following code:
int main(int argc, char *argve[]){
return 0;

What is the minimum length of character array argv in the above code?

54. What is the value of “d” after this line of code has been executed?
double d = math.round
(2.5+Math.random() );

55. Which of the following TCP/IP addresses constitute the loopback address?

56. Which one is modern light weight message exchange format?

57. Which data structure allows deleting data elements from front and inserting at rear?

58. Consider the following code segment.
What will be content of str[4]?
char strl[] = “Heal”;

59. What will be the output of the following code?
void main ()
printf(“%.3fn” 8/((3*8)*3));

60. The only language understood by a digital computer is called–

61. Which of the following name does not relate to stacks?

62. Which of the following will produce an answer that is closest in value to a double, d, while not being greater than d?

63. Which keyword must be used to inherit a class in Java?

64. Which of the following is the destructor for the class ‘Vehicle’?

65. A class that is inherited in Java is called a-

66. Which one of these interfaces is implemented by Thread class?

67. Which one is less costly for insertion operation at a particular position?

68. Register Circuit is not used in-

69. Which one is a universal logic gate?

70. The data structure required to evaluate a postfix expression is:

71. Which of the declaration is correct?

72. In Java, which operator is used to create an object?

73. The operator that cannot be overloaded is:

74. How many instances of an abstract class can be created?

75. Which of the following cannot be checked in a switch-case statement?

76. Which of the following is a design pattern?

77. The main threat of Cloud based provisioning is:

78. Link list can be implemented by using-

79. Which of the following data structure is linear type?

80. In Java, which one will be used for comparing whether the two String object str1 and str2 are same?


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